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Dr Frasier Crane

Everything you needed to know about Dr Frasier Crane, arranged by section.

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Frasier through the years, seen in 1995, 1996 (with shorter hair) and 2004.

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Full Name

Dr Frasier Winslow Crane



53 (born 1952)



San Francisco/Chicago (we don't know what happened to him after he arrived in Chicago at the end of the last episode); formerly 1901 Elliot Bay Towers, Seattle, WA.



Hosts a radio phone in show in San Francisco; formerly hosted the Dr Frasier Crane Show on KACL/part time private practise.




Love Life

Frasier has had so many girlfriends, that they can be found on their own page!



Frasier is pompous, snobbish and conceited but his heart is in the right place and he'll do anything to help his friends and family. It's just that the methods he uses aren't always what you'd expect. He lives at 1901 Elliot Bay Towers, Seattle, together with Martin and Eddie. It is a stylish apartment with paintings and sculptures - which Frasier likes - as part of the décor. It's said that a house defines a character - in Frasier's case this is probably true.

Frasier has had problems with his father Martin in the past. They are as different as chalk-and-cheese, and had many big arguments in the past, one of them causing Frasier to tell his friends at Cheers his father was dead! Things have improved after Martin had to move in with Frasier. They have settled into a good friendship and get on very well - most of the time!

Perhaps Frasier's greatest weaknesses are that he spends all him time analysing everything, even if it doesn't need analysing. Frasier has to know why someone says or does something the way they do, and this has cost him a few relationships. He's also on the lookout for "the one" and can get upset when he doesn't find her. When he is with a woman, he is very loyal to her and (nearly) always treats her right.

Frasier likes opera and fine arts, and detests sports and flu shots (he recited operas during his shots when he was a boy to distract him from thinking about them - Frasier is terrified of shots). He can also speak fluent Spanish and can play the piano, clarinet and chess. Frasier's "usual" at Café Nervosa is a double kona with cream. Other favourite coffees include a Kenya Blend from Starbucks. He has also written 27 magazine articles about psychiatry (Lilith got half of them in the divorce). And his IQ is 129 (27 lower than Niles).



Dr Frasier Winslow Crane was born in Seattle in 1952, the first child of Martin and Hester Crane. As a child Frasier had few friends, spending most of his time with his younger brother Niles. They spent a lot of the time in the Crane garage, listening to classical music and doing various experiments involving Bunsen burners. They had very little time for sports - Frasier only learnt how to catch a balloon when he was 10. Not surprisingly, the Crane brothers were both bullied at school - mostly by the Kriezel brothers. In 1960 Frasier became a "student of human behaviour" after one bullying incident. Frasier attended John Adams Junior High and Bryce Academy.

In 1969, Frasier lost his virginity to his piano teacher, Clarice Warner. Not long afterwards he left Seattle to attend Harvard University in Boston, studying Honours in Psychosocial Behaviourism. He also did his undergraduate work at Oxford. In 1971 he met and married his first wife, Nanette Gooseman, and the two lived as hippies for a while, but the marriage didn't last and they soon divorced.

After graduating from Harvard in 1977 Frasier went into private practice as a psychiatrist in Boston. He eventually got a job at the Golden Brook Sanatorium where in 1984 he met Diane Chambers, a barmaid who had gone through a messy break-up. Frasier and Diane fell in love and he started going to the bar she had worked at, Cheers, making friends with the regulars. Diane left him at the altar in 1985, and Frasier had a breakdown of his own, but he soon recovered and in 1986 he met his second wife, fellow psychiatrist Lilith Sternin. They married in 1988 and their son, Frederick Crane, was born in 1989.

Frasier's second marriage lasted until 1992 when Lilith announced she was leaving him to live in a eco-pod with her lover, Dr Louis Pascal. Frasier was distraught and tried committing suicide, but the thought of his son kept him going. Lilith returned in 1993 and they tried again with their marriage, but things didn't work out and they got divorced.

Frasier moved back to Seattle in 1993 to start a new life as a radio phone-in psychiatrist on KACL. He met his producer Roz Doyle and reacquainted himself with his family. His father Martin moved in with Frasier in September 1993, bringing with him his dog Eddie and psychical therapist Daphne Moon. Since then Frasier has been on the search for Miss Right, dating a lot of women but still not finding her. Her has caused a few scandals in Seattle, such as in 1995 when he had sex with the station manager at KACL - unknown to both of them, she'd hit the on-air button and all of Seattle heard! He celebrated his 1000th show in 1997, and a year later Frasier accidentally got everyone at KACL fired! They were rehired later that year. Frasier also had a key part to play in getting his brother Niles together with Daphne in 1999-2000.

In 2003 he returned part-time to private practise, and it was through this that he met his matchmaker Charlotte in 2004. They fell in love but she had to move back to Chicago. Frasier then took a job in San Francisco, but flew to Chicago to find Charlotte.....


Frasier Crane is played by Kelsey Grammer. He first appeared in Episode 1 "The Good Son". We've also seen younger versions of Frasier via flashbacks - Andrew Dorsett, Dustin Tragethon and Cameron Bowen have played Young Frasier.

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