Sending and Receiving Telepathic Messages

By: Jose Godofredo Tuliao

“ There is no doubt,” said famed biologist Dr. Lyall Watson in his latest book Beyond Super nature,” the we process an astonishing awareness which can, under conditions, stretch the known bounds of five recognized senses to extraordinary limits.”


Telepathy, the ability to send and receive mental messages from afar, is one of them. As Carl Jung remarked, “The authenticity of this phenomenon can no longer be disputed today.” Indeed, of all psychic abilities in man, telepathy is perhaps the most common and most easily demonstrated.


Unfortunately, we seldom recognize it because it is often not dramatic enough to attract attention.


For instance, you may be talking about a friend with another person and shortly afterwards, your friend drops by unexpectedly.


Or you may be in club where a singer is performing and she even begins her next number, you are already humming that a particular tune.


These are two very common examples of telepathic communication between two individuals and there is nothing extraordinary about them. That’s why they’re usually taken for granted.


In some instances, through, telepathic messages have saved life and limb when distress signals coming from the injured party reach their loved ones, who in turn react in time. There are numerous   examples of telepathic communications on record around the world. The most frequent events of telepathic contacts are between mother and child, twins, husbands and wives and close friends. It may also occur between two individuals who are totally unrelated to each other.


How far can telepathy reach? Because it is not bounded by the time and place, telepathic communication is limitless. Experiments conducted by psychic and author, Harold Sherman, revealed that telepathic messages sent to his friend or another side of the globe was received accurately upon verification.


The astronaut Edgar Mitchell conducted another experiment. When he was in outer space bound for the moon, he transmitted telepathic signal to three individuals back to earth. When verified, they received the message correctly. One of the recipients of Mitchell’s message was the Swedish psychic, Olof Jonsson.



Most people think that concentrating on the person you want to communicate to and keeping that image in mind do telepathy. Actually, the transmission of the message takes place when you are not thinking of it. That’s the only time it is released from your mind. For as long as you are thinking of it, the message remains on hold.


Here is a simple, step-by-step procedure in transmitting a telepathic message:


  1. Suppose you want your neighbor to pay you the P1, 000 he owed you last year, but you are embarrassed to collect this from him. The first step is to formulate this message clearly in your mind.
  2. Now, slow down the rhythm of your brain, or go into an altered state of consciousness (the alpha level) by rhythmic breathing until you are completely relaxed.
  3. In that highly relaxed state of mind, visualize your neighbor handling you P1, 000 or writing a check for that amount. This is done in complete detail to be effective.


At this point, you are not yet transmitting the message because it is still held in your mind. To transmit the message, keep your mind blank for a few seconds. This releases the thought and it is immediately received on the subconscious level if the mind of your target recipient.

4.      Repeat the visualization of your neighbor paying you the amount he owes you to reinforce the receipt of the message. You must have confidence throughout the exercise that it will work and that your neighbor and it will receive the message will be so.


For receiving telepathic signals, follow these steps:

1.      Be aware of how you react to or receive psychic messages. Some will see it visually, like a flash; others may hear a sound of voice of the person transmitting the message; still others may smell something associated with that person, e.g. perfume, cigarette smoke, even body odor.

  1. Once you become aware of how psychic impressions come to you, or which senses are activated in you, then you will know whenever somebody is sensing you a telepathic message. Be aware of certain symbols associated with the message. Be aware of certain symbols associated with the message.
  2. Sometimes, you may receive the telepathic message in dreams, when your logical and analytical left-brain is asleep. Learn the symbolisms of your own dreams by keeping a dream journal.
  3. Pay attention to possible telepathic signals being directed at you and do not ignore them just because they seem unlikely or impossible.


If you want to know what another person is thinking of, simply merge yourself entirely with that person and watch your feelings or mental images as you are inside that person. Whatever comes to your mind or feel at that precise moment is what your subject is thinking of at that moment.


Try the above procedures a few times and do not give up at the first sign of failure on the first attempt. Keep practicing and it will work for you sooner or later.

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ãJose Godofredo Tuliao


10/16/02 7:22 PM