YARANEH: Resources & Support Network for Iranian Families & Communities


Yaraneh is a non-profit organization with no affiliations to any political or religious groups inside or outside of Iran. Founded in September 1999 by a handful of Iranian women volunteers its goal is to aid the immigrants of Iran and other Middle Eastern countries in need of assistance.

Why Yaraneh has started?

During past twenty years, we have witnessed the many hardships that the Iranian immigrants had to endure to establish themselves and their families in a completely new environment. While there are many social and public agencies available in our community providing services to immigrant families, we have found that Iranian community remained unaware of their rights and community support, and consequently they did not benefit from these services. Therefore, one of the main tasks undertaken by Yaraneh is to create a bridge between available resources in the society and immigrants families needing them. Also, our goal is to provide a supporting environment that Iranian and all Middle Eastern immigrants can make a connection with community of their own language and culture.

What are the Main Services of Yaraneh?

Creating a "Resource Center" within the Middle Eastern communities,

Referral for immediate shelter, food, medical emergencies and public assistance,

Translation of documents and assistance with necessary applications,

Parenting classes for immigrant families and Youth groups for their children,

Support Battered Women of our community in receiving safe home and all other resources for moving toward self-sufficiency and productivity.

Just a few examples of Yaraneh activities in year 2000:

Supported many Iranian immigrant families to start their lives in their new homeland,

Provided translations of the legal, medical, and immigration documents,

Translated "public information" brochures from English to Farsi in issues like: Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Breast Cancer, etc?,

Provided School supplies for many Iranian children,

Created a Food Bank Drive for low income families at Iranian New Year (March 20,2000),

Taking charge in the "Census 2000" project, establishing translation and help centers throughout Santa Clara County, resulting in active participation of Iranian community in becoming an established minority,

Have assisted many abused women to find a safe shelter and supported them in finding job and creating their new lives.

Please contact us at:

Voice mail: 408- 491-9399
Voice mail: 650- 299-8676
Fax : 650-949-2130
E-mail : yaraneh@hotmail.com

Yaraneh Organization
141 Del medio Ave. #110
Mountain View, CA. 94040