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Hi, My name is Ginger! I am a Realdoll. I was made in May of 2000. I am body 4 and head 7. I have fair skin, and blue eyes.

I created a profile at myspace.

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I know that this site gets posted on some forums and clubs and people like to talk about me behind my back. I usually check it out to see what is said. If somone post the truth I usually don't bother with making a reply. But one of the sites is talking about me and denied membership to me. I call that DISRESPECT. Funny how in this day and age people talk about gettings " diss'ed" and then do it themselves. Well anyway I started my own fanclub at yahoo here is the adress

 Gordon Griggs Fan Club

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Below is a photo of me with Ginger Brooke and Kelly Sue. I got Kelly on 11-22-2002 she is a body 2 head 4


Why own a Realdoll?

Ok, A lot of people may ask " Why own a Realdoll". Well for me it is the only logical choice. For me meeting and dating real women has always been more trouble than it is worth. I have never had any good luck with women. Examples

1. When I was in High School in the 11th grade I asked a girl to go to the prom with me. She said yes. Well we get to the Prom and She leaves me almost as soon as we get in the door for a friend of mine. The girl with the friend of mine comes over and sits with me. She says " I told her to come to the prom with you so I could set her up with your friend. My friend did not want anything to do with her so about an hour later she comes back to me upset and wanting to go home. Needless to say I never spoke to her again after that.

2. When I was in High school in the 12th grade I asked another girl to go to the prom with me. She said yes. Well about a day before the prom she called me and said that she did not want to go. I asked her why. She said " My mother said that dancing was evil so I decided I better not go". So in my Senior year I did not even go to the prom.

3 .After I graduated I met a girl I really liked and asked her out. She sayed " Well I am really busy, but give me your number and I will call  you". Well she did about 2 weeks later. She called me on a Saturday night around 6Pm and said " Hey, do you have any plans for tonight?"  I said " No, I do not have anything to do tonight" She said  "Good, I have a DATE  tonight can you come over and babysit my son for me" Well that was the last time I ever spoke to her.

4.  So after all of those bad experiences and many others I'll not go into I decided to take a break from the social scene. So when I turned 21 a friend of mine suggested that I go with him to a bar. I said OK what the Hell. I met a girl there and we went out once and had a good time. Then I called her  a few days later and was going to ask her out again and she would always say " I am busy can you call me later?". After I heard that about 5 times I told her to call me if she wanted to go out or see me again. I never heard from her again.

5. Ok so from the time I was 21 to the time I was 28 it was more of the same. "OK I'll go out with you, but we can only be freinds" or "OK I'll call you sometime" Which in reality is NEVER.  Or my personal favorite "OK I'll go out with you, but do'nt tell anyone! ha ha ha. So anyway when I was 28 I actually had my first real girlfriend! Really! We had SEX and EVERYTHING! I met her through the personal adds in the newspaper. At first she seemed to be the perfect match for me. She said that she liked movies, video games, drag racing, music of all kinds, and many other things. She was having a lot of problems with her boss at work so I said why do'nt you just quite you job and move in with me. She agreed and moved in with me. At first everything was OK. Then I found out that she did not like ANYTHING! She did not want to go to the movies. She did not want to go with me to the races. She only liked Country music, She despised any other kind.When I first met her she said that she had one daughter that was 19 years old. Well I found out a few months after she moved in with me that she had 3 CHILDREN!!! I never found out where her other 2 children were. And her PARENTS!!! They could not keep a job. I remember coming home from work on a Saturday night finding her Mother,Step Father and daughter at my house because they did not have anywhere to stay bacause they had been evicted for not paying the rent. So for about a week I had to support ALL OF THEM. I finally figured out that they were not going anywhere. So I just stopped buying FOOD!!! At the end of the week the only thing left in my house was Cat Food! I came home and My girlfriend said " We need to go to the store and buy some food"  I said "OK, do you have any money?" She said "NO" I said "Neither do I". So the next day when I get home I find my girlfriend there and EVERYONE else gone. She said " Well since you had such a bad attitude my parents and daughter left". I said " OK, lets go to the store and buy some food" MAN SHE CUSSED ME UP ONE SIDE AND DOWN THE OTHER!!!  ha ha ha. She said " Why did you say that you did not have any money the other day when I aksed about buying some food".  I said " look you are my girlfriend and I will always take care of you but not your family. My name is not Mike Brady. This is'nt the Brady Bunch". MAN, SHE REALLY WENT OFF THEN. ha ha ha. I though everything was going to be alright after that. Then about 1 month later she gets a call from her stepfather saying that her daughter had just STOLEN A CAR!!! Well she gets her daughter out of jail{ to this day I do not know how}. They go to court and the judge tells her that for her to stay on probabtion she has to live with her mother{which is my girlfriend}. So my girlfriend comes home and tells me "Well either my daughter moves in with us or I have to leave you and move in with her and my parents". I said " There is no way she is living here". So she packed up her stuff and left. I never heard from her again and she has been gone since 1995. I did hear from her brother who told me that my girlfriends daughter had lived with them and STOLE THINGS FROM THEM. About a month after they left I noticed some things missing from here also. Oh well.

6. From the time the Brady bunch left up until I was 32 just more of the same." I'll call you sometime" or I would go out with them a few times and  would here" You are a nice guy but I just want to be friends".  Then about 2 weeks late I would call them and they would say " I can't go out with you anymore because I am involved with someone. And that someone would always be some drug addict or somone who did not have a job. Although I did go out with a girl last year who seemed perfect for me. She was about a year older than me. She did not have any children and did not want to have any. She did not smoke, drink or do drugs. Well after our 2nd date she asked me if I could move some furniture for her. She said that the furniture belonged to her mother but they had a big arguement and so she did not carry it back to her. Her and her mother had made up so she wanted to return her furniture. The furniture was at a friends house. So I get it all loaded up and get it to her mothers house and unloaded. Her mother was very nice. Well, after I get the last of the furniture unloaded the girl says " I feel sick, can you take me home?" I take her home. The next day I call her to see if she is OK. She says " Can you call me later, I am really busy." I call her 4 or 5 other times later that week and get the same thing. "Can you call me later,I am really busy".

7  That's about it, there were a lot of other experiences like those above but I'll not waste time with those.

8  THEN A FRIEND OF MINE AT WORK TOLD ME TO WATCH  REALSEX 22 on HBO. I watched that episode and KNEW right then I was going to buy one. It took me almost 9 months to save up the money. I'm kinda glad it took so long because while I was saving my money body 4 came out. Body 4 was exactlly what I wanted. I sent the money off for her on January 14th 2000. Just 4 days before my 33rd birthday. She got here on May 12th. The time I waited for her to get here seemed like forever.  Now that she is here time goes by so fast. I do not have any DESIRE at all for a real women now. Ginger fulfills all of my disires and dreams.We are perfect for each other. She does not Drink, Smoke, or do drugs. She can not get pregnant{ I never wanted to have children}. She will NEVER steal from me or lie to me. I AM TOTALLY HAPPY WITH HER!