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Talina welcomes all Free and kajirae to the Gorean Springs and hopes this will be a space to chat, discuss, learn and relax, where Free People behave as such and slaves are treated as slaves. If you are not Gorean and do not wish to be then I politely request you to leave, if you wish to learn you are welcome to stay and your questions will be answered to the limits of our knowledge.

~ Welcome to the beautiful and savage world of Gor ~


Chat Room in Yahoo created in July 2000 by Talina Marcus

Talina Marcus

"Anango, like Asperiche, is an exchange, or free, island in Thassa, administered by members of the caste of merchants. It is, however, unlike Asperiche, very far away. It is far south of the equator, so far south as to almost beyond the ken of most Goreans, except as a place both remote and exotic. The jungles of the Anangoan interior serve as the setting for various fanciful tales, having to do with strange races, mysterious plants and fabulous animals. The "magicians of Anango," for what it is worth, seem to be well known everywhere on Gor except in Anango. In Anango itself it seems folks have never heard of them."
"Players of Gor", page 130/1

Far South in Gor there is Anango Island, a place full of merchants and sailors, of life and movement, and known for its magicians which are famous in all Gor. The landscape includes forests and hills in the center of the Island and to the South the sea. The beach has the shape of a shell with amazingly shaped rocks. It is protected from the winds by the surrounding land and forests. There are moorings for the boats and a dock.
The Gorean Springs camp is located in the southern bay (Crescent Bay) where the gardens meet the sea. The gardens are spacious, with alleys bordered by all kinds of exotic flowers and trees, where people can walk. In the gardens there are fresh springs and natural hot springs where Goreans can relax, swim or bath and chat in a friendly environment.
Around the Springs there are big candles that create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere. Slaves will provide massages with the most exotic of oils and run baths filled with relaxing or stimulating essences. There is a sheltered area where the people gather around a fire sitting or lying on soft plush larl furs. On the side of each fur there is a small table with a candle where the trays will be layed for the convenience of the guests.


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