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Articles by Nagaboshi Tomio

General Buddhism

An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

Right Effort

Five Steps on the Path

Time, Self and Experiencenew

The Nature of Self (Introduction to the Five Aggregates)

Life between life. A look at the Antarabhava in the light of Vasubandhunew

A brief introduction to ancient Buddhist medicinenew

Some differences between healing and medicinenew

Mikkyo (Esoteric Buddhism)
Note from the Webmaster: These articles introduce concepts and practices that are particular to the Sino-Japanese traditions of Esoteric Buddhism. I have no  experience or training in those traditions, therefore I will be unable to answer questions or comment on these topics.

The Sotoba (Gorinto) Explained

Shingon-Shu Kongoraiden-Ha: basic terms

About the Chen Yen Meditation Tradition