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Hello my name is Anthony and I run this website. The reason for which I made this website is to get you good people all the dragon ball you can get you're hands on. I know what you want because Before the website I knew what I was looking for... Episodes and Movies with a few music videos thrown in.

Facts about me.
Age: 17
Hobbies: Dragon ball, Anime, Music Video Creation, Film, American History and some other things.

My Collection: Consists of Various Japanese and Dragon ball Items.
My Anime History: Watched all of Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT in Japanese then various episodes and sagas in other languages.

When did I start to watch Dragon ball? Around 1995 or 1996 when it was on Saturday mornings. I wasn't a die hard fan untill around 1998.

My Feelings on American Dragon ball Z is it sucks. Funimation screwed it up and now pray they do not do the same with Dragon ball GT. Original Dragon ball in the US is fine the way it is and it better stay that way.

Website history: Does everyone remember Jessie's Dragon ball? Of course not because no one ever visited it. It was a cheap homestead site with scattered pictures. Then dragonballseriespage.com which is still up today but it just links you here. But dragonballseries page taught me the value of a index page and a top 100 site. "?Also to make sure people visit it."? lol.

Games I play online... Empire Earth lol you can find me under the following names... Emperor Hirohito, Prince Vejita, Prince Bejita and Oji_no_Saiya-jin.

My freind Rod owns All Anime Freaks, Anime Zero and Project Tenchi so please visit them lol.