Fake Mary Janes
(Corrected version)

Designs by: Abigail Goss

Small amount pink, worsted weight yarn
"I" Crochet hook

Size=0-6 months
Gauge: Sole measures 3 1/2"

Ch 8
1. 2 Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, DC in next 4 chs, 6dc in last ch. Working on other side of chain, in free loops, HDC in next 4 chs. (3 HDC) in last ch. Join w/ sl st to beg ch. (20 sts)

2. CH 1, 2 sc in same st. sc in next 8 sts, (2sc in next st)3 times. Sc in next 6 sts. (2 sc in next st)2 times. Join with sl st to first sc. (26 sts)

3.(Working in back loops this rnd)Ch 2, Hdc in each st around. Join (26 sts)

4. Ch 2, hdc in next 10 sts, (Dc next 2 sts tog)3 times. Hdc in next 7 sts. Hdc next 2 sts tog. Join to first hdc.

5.CH 1, sc in same st. sc in next 9 sts. DC 5 sts TOG as one--->[(YO, insert hook in next st, yo, pull up a loop, pull through 2 loops on hook)5 times. YO and pull through all loops on hook]. sc in next 7 sts. Join to first sc.

6. Ch 1, sc in same st. sc in next 6 sts. Ch *4*, sk next 7 sts. sc in last 4 sts. Join to first sc (15)

7. Ch 1, sc in same st. sc in all stitches around. Join (15)

***For bigger strap, or bigger leg, chain 5 on round 6***

Embellish with Rose Trim or Bow Trim

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