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Our helpers have a very important job--taking care of everyone in our group from day to day, just as safe outside bigs take care of their outside kids. We also make sure that our inside family works together as a team and that the people in our group get along.

Depending on the job a helper has, she or he may be responsible for one or two members of our inside family, for a group of us, or the whole family. All of us get to do what we do best, so no one has to do more than she or he is able.

Charity Mary Reflections (Rachel's page) ~Light~

Our main helpers are Charity, Mary, and Rachel. Charity, our primary nurturer, is like a loving mom, teacher, and friend all rolled into one. Mary, our inner counselor, is great at listening when we need to talk, and she helps kids who need special care in growing and healing. And Rachel, our supervisor, keeps us organized from day to day. ~Light~ may also be considered a helper, though her help comes to us indirectly and from the background.

Helping is a big job, so most of our teens also lend a hand, especially when it's time to take care of the younger kids. We also encourage our littles and our middles to help others as they are able.

We'd love to hear from other helpers about the jobs you do!

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