6 RTC in Egypt, 1933/38 (contd.)

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1936 saw 18 Light Tanks Mk III of 6 RTC despatched to Palestine by rail from Egypt to assist in controlling an arab revolt. They were joined shortly by Rolls Royce Armoured Cars of the 11th Hussars.

Light Tank Mk III (HX6929)

Light Tank Mk III (HX6932)

Picture: G P Matthews

An idea of the camouflage colours is given by this Light Tank Mk II (Indian Pattern) at Bovington 

According to David Fletcher in "Mechanised Force" (HMSO, 1991), the Royal Navy fielded three hired lorries on which they mounted a 40mm pom-pom, a 3pdr saluting gun, and on the third a searchlight. These rejoiced in the names Pip, Squeak and Wilfred. The Chris Evans collection has two photos that may well be of two of these vehicles -


At the end of 1936, 6 RTC returned to Egypt, and were to test Mk V and VI Light Tanks. Mk VI light tanks of the 7th Hussars can be seen in the next pictures which are of the Coronation Review in Egypt, 1937. Can anyone give us more information on the flashes on the Mk VI turrets?

Rolls Royce Armoured Cars, Model 1924. The nearest is HMAC Carisbrooke, the next behind is HMAC Cambrai

Light Tanks Mk VI of the 7th Hussars

In 1938, the 1st and 6th Battalions RTC combined to form a new Mobile Division under the command of General Hobart, and this brings our feature on 6 RTC to an end.

Pyramid and Sphinx


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