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Santa Project

Is Now Complete!!!

Updated 12/18/01

The goal of the Santa Project has been to create all the sprites and body files needed to fill in all the other stages of the Santa Norn as provided by Cyberlife. The problem with the original Santa is that the only sprites given are those for the adult stage of life. These are set as the baby stage, so a Santa will hatch as a fully grown adult. It gets worse when others breed with a santa. Any male offspring born will usually have some santa body parts. Whereas the rest of the parts will be baby sized, the santa parts are adult sized. The result is a very strange norn (at least until it is full grown). Not only that, but there were never any female sprites at all, so a female santa would end up looking like a horse type norn.

The Santa Project has changed all that. Sprites are now complete for the baby, child, adult and pensioner stage of the male santa norn. As can be seen in the photos below, the male baby santa has no beard, but all the other features of the full grown santa, and the child stage norn has the beginnings of a beard. The adult sprites (and body files) have been renamed to their proper position (023). The adult head has been altered to add the emotions (missing in the original) and a pensioner head has been added as well. Click on the pictures below to download the santa graphics and a baby male santa. Then follow the instructions in the readme.txt file to install.)

Santa Norn

click on pictures to download

For those running Creatures on a Macintosh, Click on the apple Icon to download the Mac version of the Santa. Female version to come shortly.

Mac Santa Norn

Finally too, the female sprites are completed. They use the same body sprites as the male, but the head is based on the female horse norn, with red fur and snow white hair. All four stages of life are included for the female now as well. Click on the pictures below to download the female graphics and a baby female santa norn. There is also a readme.txt file with installation instructions in the .zip.)

Female Santa Norn

click on pictures to download

Of course, the original adult male santa sprite files came from the Cyberlife website. If you haven't already checked them out, there are other cool norns and other things you can get there. Note that you don't need the santa sprites form Cyberlife to use my Santa Norns.

Due to popular demand, I will be doing the rest of the stages of the Santa 97 from Cyberlife's Christmas 97 package. Don't ask when... I'll post to Alt.Games.Creatures when they are done and posted here.

If you really want to fill your world with santas (and who wouldn't?) just pop over to my Santa World and download any of the colorful and genetically unique santa norns there.

Santa World

Try to play the breeding game. All you need is your Creatures program, the male and female santa sprites and the four game exports. Go to the Breeding Game page for the exports and rules.

Breeding Game
Norn Holiday Santa Project Easter in Albia Grendels for Halloween FAQ Tutorials

Greg Poehlein