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I've been accused of "having a chip on my shoulder"...but I don't believe that's true.   The Male Basher Poetry was written with "tongue in cheek" though, I must admit, I nearly bit my tongue off during the events that inspired those poems.  When posted they were meant in fun. 

I use poetry to work through conflicts and to record events in my life.  Of late, I have been of a romantic bent.  I remarried, September 8, 2001 to an extraordinary man.  I pray each day that God gives me many years with my darling.

For those that find poking fun at the male gender offensive, DON'T open the Basher Page.  My husband found them humorous; but, I did say he was an extraordinary man!
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Coming soon:  Graci Gets Married...pics of the Bride and Groom

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