Hi there, my name is Grace. I am putting together this site to not only help myself put my ideas together but hopefully to help other people like me who are tired of getting scammed on the Internet.

OK, so lets get started. I guess there are many ways to go about this. My way is to split into two catagories. 1st would be for the person who doesn't have a business yet.
1. Get the idea in your head, if you don't already have a business idea.
   a. Is your business going to be selling a product?
   b. Is your business going to be selling an idea?
   c. Is your business going to be selling a service?
       1. Brainstorm. Everyone knows something about something. And what is nice, if you have an idea, you have the Internet, the Library, your friends and neighbors, your email buddies to throw the idea around with. Research isn't so hard. Just type in your idea and hit search. Well, guess what, isn't that how you found this site? You wanted to know how to get started with a business.
       2. If your business is product specific. What kind of product is it? Does it have to be manufactured? Can you build it or make it at home? What kind of money do you need to get it started? Now if you are like me, you know it takes money to make money. But there are so many people in this world who started off with nothing and now look at them. Multi-millionaires. How did they do it? Well, lets take a look. First off, most of the millionaires had family with money. So, they had all the good schools, hung around with rich people, think like rich people, and act like rich people.
I haven't found one true quick way to get rich in my research. Even Bill Gates came from money. He had the best shooling, hung out with rich people, and took his abilities to make himself one of the richest people in the world.
I am desperately trying to find a way to at least become financially stable. I am litterally broke and don't have the money to spend on manufacturing or even purchasing the supplies to make anything at home. So, my choice is to write a book. I have my computer, I have the Intenet at my fingertips, I have friends and neighbors to talk to. Now I just need to get it organized and start putting everything together. I even have an idea.
Did you know that there are e-books with resale rights? Yep. I put that in the Affiliate earning catagory.  That is an idea. But I don't see that as a get rich idea. I believe it should be yours. Now I have to learn how to get an opt-in page made so that people will want me to give them more information on my book. Of course that is after I write it.  Still, I don't know if that is going to make me wealthy. There are thousands and thousands of writers in this world and only a small portion actually got rich doing it. Does it mean I am not going to try? OF course not. I have a dream!! as Martin Luther is quoted so often saying.

If you are going to get a business going. Then you need to get your ducks in a row, get a business plan done, do a market analysis, and go to the SBA to start if you don't have a college degree.  If you have a college degree in business management or marketing, you already have a head start over many of us who never did more than graduate high school.
The SBA website will help you with your idea, especially if you are more of a do-it- yourselfer, they also have mentors to help, at least that is what they advertise.

This whole grant thing all over the place, unless you are very smart, and have a very scientific idea or discovery, have a Non-profit organization, the chances of getting that grant is slim to none in my opinion.  The women grants and the minority grants are given away through your local government offices. You aren't going to get it without some strings attached either. Money to go to school. Well, go to the college, put in your application, and they will get you the If you are smart enough to do all the paperwork correctly and already have a business running that is organized and financially secure, you could probably get a grant from some large corporation or the government. For the class of people I am writing to, the chances are slim to non. If you are looking for help getting a home, you can go to the HUD organization, they should be able to direct you to the people who help with down payment assistance. But you aren't going to get a check for that money. It will go straight to the mortgage company.

I say, get your product or idea written down and invest wisely, take profits and reinvest in the business, learn how to manage your money and your time and obsess over your business. You may drive a few of your friends and family crazy, but that is the only way I have found in my research for people to become rich. 

2. Now we need a way to get the business out there for everyone to see.
    a. Giving away an E-book in order to introduce your idea or product is a very popular way of selling these days. I like so many people are tired of reading those big white pages full of sales gimmicks.  Let's come up with a different way. How about making a webpage that offers your product. Plain and simple.
Writing a book isn't as hard as it use to be. There are all sorts of book maker programs for sale on the Internet. You can also use Open Office, Microsoft Word.
     b. In the old days you could get yourself a free website. Just like the one I am using today. The terrible part is that getting your website advertised isn't as easy as it used to be. People want the real thing. Getting your site submitted without tons of ads being sent to you from advertising sites, classifieds, discussion forums, and the such, are a real nightmare, so you have to toughen up your abilities a bit. People who are shopping want your site to have a real webhost. Not some affiliate id or like this one, a yahoo or geocities or homestead site. I don't know what the big deal is. Other than maybe an ad on the top of the page or a pop up window, these sites are by far the best things I have come across, just to get your own ideas or work on the Internet.
I like these sites because they are easy to build. You get a theme, get to pick your background colors and type away. You can add hyperlinks, upload pictures to the free webhost to show up on your site and it is in my opinion an easier way to not seem like you are selling something. I like to be personal. I am going to include some of the pay sites here too. But so far, I like the free sites the best.
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