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Original Code by Michael Cook


Our son Tyrus W elcome and Hello. My name is Gracie. Our site has info about us, our interests, high school, pictures, living in Maine, and other sites. My wonderful friend from the "old days", Michael Cook, offered to design this web page for me.

I tried to come up with something creative to post on my home page. I told Michael I wanted the "Seinfeld" theme song and FedEx'ed some pictures to him. He finally scanned them and posted it to my site. I am very happy with the result.

I am open to suggestions & comments, be honest, & don't hold back. I'm still learning all of this, & I'd like to learn how to update my own homepage without always harrassing Michael! Thanks:-)

E xcerpt from my instructions to Michael:
So, you can do a web page for me from ur home?? How does that work? What about pics?

Cast of Seinfeld I would have to snail mail pics...

Oh dear.. the pressure.. I am not creative at all... I would want the Seinfeld theme song, like you had Cheers..

Yikes.. ok, I wish I was more creative.. I need guidance.. lol We'll work on it & you can advise me..

Mike.. Would it be ok to snail you some pics ( quite a few, actually ) so you could scan them & then send to me as an ICQ file, so I'll have them in my documents?? Let me know...

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