Mr. Tersigni's grade 4/5 class

    Good morning/ afternoon friends! It's a brand new day everyday in Mr. Tersigni's class; we always have something going on. If your child tells you that they do not have homework then they are telling a small fib. If they have nothing else (as rare as that is) to work on, students should continually work on studying their multiplication tables (as most students are weak in this area) or they should be reading to futher develop their vocabulary, reading comprehension and and writing skills! As partners in your childs' education, you can help by reading to and with your child regularly, practicing math skills with your child, and helping them think through their various assignments (like their POW's, writing assignments, speeches, science projects, etc)  . .

          *Below, are the items which appear on our agenda board*
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Class: Mr. Tersigni's grade 4/5's
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Parent Help Tips - as a parent myself, I understand that parents are very busy being pulled in a million different directions. However, your child's academic development is extremely important and has long term effects. To help in this process, I ask parents to: check this website regularly, check your child's agenda book nightly, look over each of your child's notebooks as often as possible, and look over all of your child's assignments before submission

AGENDA BOOKS-students have been told that it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure they chase you down and get it signed NIGHTLY and that getting it signed is considered a nightly homework assignment

Students require INDOOR SHOES to wear inside the class


ALWAYS: continue independently reviewing multiplication tables, other basic skills , and the units we have previously studied in our math text until you master the concepts

FRENCH- none


Arts: none

Science: none

Social Studies:none

Language: none

ALWAYS: read at home nightly to increase your brain's "wordometer" in order to make school easier for you

Gym days are Monday and Thursday although there will be physical fitness activities almost daily