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WANT TO HAVE YOUR CHILD HOMESCHOOLED,BUT DO NOT HAVE THE TIME YOURSELF? E-mail me and see if I can help. I accept most grades as long as they are motivated and DO NOT EXPECT GRADES FOR NO WORK.
The key is to research the idea of homeschool and what it's all about. Each individual homeschool follows basic guidelines but implements HOW and WHEN school meets and WHAT material is taught.
COST: $100.00 for Assessments to pin down strengths and weaknesses. PAY ALSO, $100.00 weekly, for curriculum,grade management and overseeing lessons. Homeschool is not a quick-fix to a short-term problem in the public schools. Parents, teacher and students must be committed to letting the child excell without a lot of distractions. MUST be able to give it a FULL year before considering returning to public school.
Let Your Childs Self Esteem Grow!
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My Info: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and a Diploma in Child Psychology.
Name: Gail Gunter