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Hello! My name is Sallie and I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where I just recently my Hon. B. Commerce at the University of Windsor in business, concentrating on accounting. I now work for KPMG LLP , one of the big 4 public accounting firms. I am currently in the process of becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA). I have written and passed the first exam, the CKE, and have two more to go. For more information on this process visit the ICAO website .

I used to live in Toronto   where I was born but my family moved around a lot when I was younger so I would say I pretty much grew up in Edmonton.  When I was about 5 years old my family moved out to Alberta where I lived until I headed off to university after high school.  I have lived in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc (two different houses), Millet, and Edmonton (several different places).  But once I finished my Hon. B.A. in Art History and Drama (I know big change, eh?) at the University of Toronto I stayed in Toronto as it is the hub of Canada's theatre community which is the industry I chose my first career. I had my last big hurrah in theatre last summer where I worked up in North Bay, Ontario at Nipissing Stage Company where I am stage managed "Ned Durango Comes to Big Oak" and "Stones in Her Pockets" and assistant stage managed "Ladies Night" and "Wanted". 

This is my university grad photo taken November 1996 (at tad bit outdated, notice the Jennifer Aniston do?).


... please go to my new page for more photos and information or to my latest selfnamed website

I have kept this page because it was my very first attempt in html to build my own web page so it is not necessarily too exciting to view.  

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And just because I like cats!


And of course my own cat, Felix!


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