Learn About Grady County

Grady County Democratic Party

   County Seat, Chickasha
   Located in the Valley of
       The Washita River

Grady County is an agricultural county with a good start on industrial prominence.  Located almost exactly in the middle of the state, Grady County has a population of 46,084 citizens.Graced by the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Grady County is home to the antique Auto Club, the annual Festival of Lights, and the state's oldest invitational golf tournament.  Best of all, the county has 18,234 registered Democrats.


   Sharon Shoemake, County Clerk

   Sandra Johnson, County Treasurer

   Phyllis Ray, County Assessor

   Roy Testerman, County Commissioner

   Jack Porter, County Commissioner

   Doug Prince, County Commissioner

   HD 42 Representative Bill J. Mitchell

   HD 65 Representative Jim Glover

   HD 56 Representative Ron Langmacher

   State Senator Dist 31 Sam Helton

   State Senator Dist 23 Bruce Price

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