Artist in Oils : Graeme Conlon

Graeme Alexander Conlon

Born : May 1971 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Studied at the University of Glasgow (1988-1992) graduating with BSc Honours in Chemistry.

Worked in England for 4 years before re-locating to Vancouver in 1997.
Graeme has had several exhibitions over the last few years, which have been very successful, selling over 25 pieces.

Inspirational artists included Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh.

Graeme works from sketches done outside or from photographs or pictures from magazines

He has painted over 20 landscapes and portraits on commission for friends and can boast to having his paintings owned worldwide in the UK, Germany, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Currently working on some Vancouver scenes, Paris city scenes and some portraiture.

Currently working as an Official Chemist in the Equine Forensic Laboratory at Cantest Ltd in Burnaby.

When he is not painting in his spare time he plays soccer, plays the guitar and he has a golf handicap of 5.
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Name: Graeme Alexander Conlon