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When nature was king and the rule of Graeme Qewe ruled the land ...:
The insanity kingdom of Graeme Qewe:
Authored by Lord Graeme de Qewe of rulae natura (Herr Qewe is the official believer in non-beliefs)
(Sponsered by Sir Jez! - not to back him up though)


Small introduction:
Hi there geeks! This is Lord Graeme Qewe speaking on the new improved version of this sick experiment of a site. Welcome aboard - freak! A short word of explanation, this page kicks of with bull-shit writings, pictures of women and links to some forums. Important: please understand, this is not important stuff for thee. No instead go below to the "And now - on with the show!:" headline, this is were the fun starts! You can read the stuff that comes before, but that's not as important. Ok? Now go ahead you freaks!!! Oh and a final thing, many of the features below are constantly being updated and expanded, so check them all out from time to time, if so, you're a real darling.
Love, GQ (official freak as well as official believer in non-beliefs) on September 5th & 6th 2003.

This page last updated: December 23rd 2003.



First of all ....... :


So mighty this army might be ...




Links to great sites:

Graeme Taylor: The Graeme Taylor appreciation page
Mandy Morton / Spriguns: "For You" - A page dedicated to Mandy Morton and Spriguns


Funny things we (i.e. Graeme Qewe & Sir Jez!) both are doing currently:

Both GQ and Sir Jez! are making many stupid remarks at a Wall Of Voodoo open forum (July 1998 / January 1999 till present)
GQ says silly things at a Pink Floyd board (March 1999 / October 2002 till present); - Sir Jez!'s does too! (March 2003 till present)
GQ is making some extremely intelligent remarks at a Fairport Convention board (January 2003 till present)
Well, GQ interferes in the huge Pink Floyd forum (June 2003 till present)
Actually GQ interferes in yet another huge Pink Floyd forum (August 2003 till present)

Both GQ and Sir Jez! was talking here - Sir Jez! was primarily searching for the hot amanda_t_!!! (GQ from May 2003; Sir J.! from July 2003) but around late August / early September the forum closed due to violation of the terms of service - not caused by us!


Funny things I (i.e. Graeme Q.) did:

Contribute to the ultimate Wall Of Voodoo discography (made in first half of 1999)
Score fairly good at a Monty Python quiz
Score fairly bad at a Monty Python quiz
Score - as the ONLY person so far - maximum aat a Kate Bush poll !!! (January 2003)
Said something in a Jetro Tull forum (February 2003)


And now - on with the show!:

Here's the thing you've all been waiting for: a blank page!!!

Tis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NB.: "Tis" means 'pee', and the man is Anders Bircow, a famous danish "comedian")

It sure is a shame that Cara Black got out of Australia Open in 2003 - she's so cute.

Bite me freaks!

Sarah Jane Cion (what the hell is she doing here???), and why are this the prettiest 'freak & geek here too??

And to make things worse, then here are some pictures of some people, that I haven't heard of, or know anything about:
The Mysterious People - they just struck me to be fascinating - boy this page is getting weird!

Two more in-suitable photos: April Summers' tongue-piercing & Limonov (jeeez, now it's more than just weird; it's dangerous!)

Come this way please

The Danish minister for social affairs:


Pat (in early 2002) - the photo is taken by a guy called Rasmus B (if anyone wants to know useless facts)

Attention all 'latin' people: Here is your chance to read Seneca's "de Brevitate Vitae" ("on the shortness of life" - in GQ's humble english translation) - in latin!

Poems (courtesy of Lord Graeme de Qewe of rulae natura):
Poem #1 ("This and that"); Poem #2 ("Of dream and reality"); Poem #3 ("Of Courage and Rashness [part 1]"); Poem #4 ("Little Theme")

"'Old woman, old woman, old woman' cried I" from Morris On.

New feature: You wanted simple jokes, instead of my humour which you esoteric plain people doesn't get?! Well, you've got it here - stupid!

A selfpotrait by GQ "the official believer in non-beliefs".

A good friend of ours, Mike the dyke, is often chatting in various places. Read his chatting.
Why don't go to this sick bastard (i.e. Mike the dyke)'s homepage, or send him a fierce e-mail, and tell him he's a sick bastard (because he is)!

A transcript of me tapping along with the 1½ minute long jig "Rakes Of Malo" as performed by Spriguns Of Tolgus in 1975.

So!!! You think you're one of those persons who thinks, that you can't get enough of believing???? Well here the word 'believe' is repeated to eternity. Tell me when you've got enough belief!!!!!!!

Here is the useless fact of today

Please take a look at this piece of shit:
(this is not something I like personally, but I put it here to show, that people that exists, and believe in what they say!)
Sick bastards made this shit
Seriously that place is insane, does there really exist people like that??? Well if you go there, then tell these sick bastards to ...

The word of today - read! read! read! This is the word that will change your life! Very important!

So stop it, god-dammit

MPFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes I am a sick one....

The Danish minister for social affairs once again (you just can't get enough of her!!!)


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When nature was king and the rule of Graeme Qewe ruled the land ...:
The insanity kingdom of Graeme Qewe: