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This site is dedicated to various graffiti scenes around the world . It doesn't revolve around a single crew or a time period. This is just a medium to access the graffiti of today, tomorrow, and yesterday, in its raw artistic form. We don't encourage the destruction of property, so don't try this at home. We encourage the art form in all its shapes and forms. If you have the ownership of the property, you have the right to create your works in any way, shape, or form. The artists featured are unknown and their identities are protected by themselves. So all you elected officials and undercover agents, don't even try to contact us or flood our emails, because we don't know who these people are and we won't help you find them. All photos are owned by the webmasters so don't steal and publish our stuff without our consent.

 Welcome to the sister site of Baltimore Archive. Check out the new guestbook and drop a line. Tell us where you're from. The Graff Archive is new but always expanding. The links page is weak, so hit us up with your link. Contact graff archive at ( or leave a message on the guestbook. We accept flicks from all over, so don't be shy. Hook me up with your absolute best work so you get represented.

Photo contributions are not limited to email, you can also send flicks by snail-mail ( contact us via email for address). Your flicks will be shipped back to u unharmed, when scanning is finished...

Each link below represents a category within the art of graffiti, each artist has their own specialties which vary from personal style and or preference. (IN ENGLISH click on the buttons below, and you will find some good shit!!!!!)


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How can I help the Graffiti Archive you ask? Well, if you have pictures that you think belong on this site, or do you have better versions of the one's we got, than email the webmaster at: You have comments for us, suggestions, or even some weird questions, email that dude, he'll get back to ya quick. Do yourself a favor, don't send us no wack flix, save your sentimental first piece for your own self, we don't want it. 1