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We got urban flavored HIP-HOP coming outta our butts... Rhode Island kids are East Coast kids - the little cracka wannabe wiggaz, aight? Another good site is HIP-HOP HONEY, they got a ton of good pictures of all the hot & sexy hip-hop girls. HIP-HOP HONEY's got galleries wif Aaliyah, Beyonce', Amerie, Ashanti, Brandy, Tatyana Ali, TLC, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim, MC Lyte - they also got alot of info and they got biography - lyrics - discography - trivia - and a lot more ... foto galerie ... sexy young women of HIP-HOP, RAP, R&B, FUNK & SOUL ... Bilder, bilder, bilder! Kids and teens from Glouchester, Rhode Island are down wif this site. Too bad Beyonce' Knowles went and broke up Destiny's Child. I mean 3 sexy black babes ARE better than one, am I wrong? No, you're right on. Destiny's Child was da BOMB! Is Beyonce' illin? I guess so. Ya know, I guess Christina Aguilera is a wigga, huh? Well, at least she aint a straight up HO like Paris Hilton. By the way, I did a google search for Paris Hilton, and I got a few travel agencies that asked me if I needed to make reservations at the Paris Hilton... hee, hee The Paris Hilton. Sho nuff, Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie are a couple of nasty ho's, but whatta ya gonna do? I dunno... Ya know who's wicked? Britney Spears .. . see her new video, what is it? Poison? ... No, Toxic! It 's gotta be the phattest video ever. And, she's got the Superbowl commercial, too. Christina's nervous, ya know? Yep, Britney Spears is a few points up in the teen diva war. Hey, What the hell ever happened to Shakira? She was Pepsi's spokes-babe ... Now it's Britney Spears ... Christina Aguilera is supposed to represent Coke, right? But, she hasn't done any fresh Coke commercials! Uh, oh... does this mean Pepsi is actually catching up to Coca Cola in the Cola War? I hope not, cuz I love Coke and I think Pepsi sucks. I like Coke better, too ... of course! Only French people would drink Pepsi ... Man, G-unit has some scary rap lyrics. I know, it's garbage, really... It kinda makes me feel i'll when I imagine my favorite niece listening to that mindporn. Every other line has the N word ... they blame us for their problems... they need to grow up. ALL of 'em. Mmm, hmm... OK, what are some of your favorite HIP-HOP releases this year? Well, ya got Outkast - Speakerboxxx with The Love Below (it's pretty played out, though) ... Yeah, I know it. Then there's Jay-Z's The Black Album - Rock-A-Fella .. everyone acts like Jay Z is so credible AND scary... he can kiss my white ass. He's a 30 year old man providing mind vomit to silly, spoiled white children. A real Hero ... He sucks ... they ALL suck.. Then ya got 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Trying. I wish 50 Cent would just die. He's a thorn in America's side. Probobaly does more damage to us, in the long run, than Usama Bin Laden EVER could ... Where are our CIA assasins when ya REALLY need 'em? Then Ya got Obie Trice - Cheers / Shady / Aftermath ... whatever the hell THAT nonsense wooba-gooba's supposed to mean. Then ya Got Raekwon - The Lex Diamond story ... Pure genius, I'm sure.Then there's Freeway - Philadelphia Freeway - Roc-a-fella, Ya got your Bubba Sparxxx- Deliverance - interscope. Another triple x name - they're so original. And last but not least, ya got The Neptunes - Clones - Star Trak OK, there go some bangin' full length hip-hop LP's. Yup, OK, what are some singles you like? Well, ya got the hemmorhoid on America's ass 50 Cent - "In he Club" Ya, know. I hope 50 Cent, G-unit, Gang Starr and all them see this .. Hey, yo .. do America a HUGE favor take your Glocks, hold em to your temples and squeeze, aight? OK, then ya got Outkast - Hey Ya b/w The Way You Move ... Gotta admit , I like this ... It's the only positive thing "they've " given us in 15 years. ... Gang Starr w/ Jadakiss Rite Where You Stand ... Snoop Dogg - Beautiful ... Missy "Rottweiler Breath" Elliot - Gossip Folks ... Ludacris - Stand Up ... Lil John & the Eastside Boyz - Get Low ... Kanya West - Through the Wire .. Sean Paul - "Get Busy" The Roots - The Seed 2.0 ..

a really cool site is Nay-Nay's Graffiti Beat ... Yeah, I like that Aaliyah Angel site , too. Yup, and Hip-Hop HONEY kicks @$$, too. I know it. You can check HIPHOPSITE.COM, they've got a lot of info.. Did ya see that thing about Catherine Bosley? What a skank! Hee hee... If you think about it, Kazaa really sucks.. Almost time for NFL superbowl ... Is Brooke Burke singing the National Anthem? Im don't know who she is, but, I know my nephew l;oves Dragonball. Ya know who else can kiss my @$$? The IRS ... But you don't even pay taxes!Oh, yeah!. Pamela Anderson ... is that helium? I heard Clay Aiken is on the Atkins diet now.. I dunno, but J-Lo is. Jennifer Lopez? Yup, needs to work some of those nachos off her @$$ . Have you been to Las Vegas? It's Disneyland for adults. Just as ridiculous, too., Taxes, Taxes, Taxes.. Can't wait for the Chinese New Year. Eating a ton of Chinese food would be MY Final Fantasy.. That and taking a ride on the Mar X