Like icons wallpapers are easily customizable and add a good effect to
your PC. When you start you windows, the first thing you see after logging
in is wallpaper so make sure that you have a smooth wallpaper with
vibrant colors and soothing effect. A much brighter wallpaper can cause
strain on your eyes and head. Usually wallpaper reflect the personality and
mood of user. I usually use soft wallpapers of video game characters
which are elegant, not too bright and have a pleasant look.

Here are links for some of the sites which have a quite decent collection of
wall papers. Happy Surfing.
Game Wallpapers
    I personally recommend this site as i take all wallpapers from that.


Desktop Wallpapers  

These wallpapers not only enhance the  overall beauty of your PC, throw in a couple of cool lookin icons and amaze your friends. This thing is so
much fun that you'll quickly become addicted.