Graphics and Customization

Graphics and Customization.
God has given us a beautiful earth. We live on it, love it and try to beautify it
with all that is necessary. We build our homes on it  and make it even
more beautiful. Just like our world and home where we live computer is
another universe where we spend most of our time trying to make our
earthly home more comfortable. We have to take care of our computers
too. Its not just another piece of hardware. You have make it look unique
and more beautiful. You can do it by using icons and wallpapers. Here is
the list of topics which are in this section
Icons and Icon Changers
Wallpapers and Themes
Video Game Graphics
About Me.
My name is Jehanzeb Ahmad Alvi and i am a graphic fanatic. Whether in
video games or on PC in form of icons and wallpapers. I believe a
computer is your home. You make it look and feel better and you will
spend better time there. Make it look like a junkyard and you will quickly
get bored and irritated by the lame style. I hope you will enjoy your time at
my website.

Like I said in past and I'll say again, this site is created for fun and educational
purpose only and ill 'try' to provide all necessary links to the site from whom the
content has been taken but i am a human and pone to errors so take it lightly. I dont
want to offend any copyright laws and blah blah blah....