On December 28, 1936 Graf Zeppelin's keel was laid on Slipway 1.
GZ under construction at the Deutsche Werke Kiel AG.
December 8, 1938
Graf Zeppelin slides down the slip after christening.
Graf Zeppelin with her stern afloat.  At this point in the lauch, the bow is under severe stress due to the fact that it is not yet afloat.
Stern view of Graf Zeppelin following the launch. The carrier's 2 spade rudders are visible just above the waterline. The flight-deck supports are also visible in this photo.
The carrier has been brought to a stop and tugs take hold of her lines.
Three tugs take Graf Zeppelin in tow.  Two of which are identified as Auguste and Emil. Graf Zeppelin will be moved to the equipment pier for fitting out.
Port view of Graf Zeppelin just after launch.  The large openings in the side of the hull is where the ships boats will be located.  Also the strait stem of the bow is clearly viisble.
Fitting Out
View of construction work taking place on Graf Zeppelin's flight deck.  Photo taken from port side.
Photo taken from port showing the unfinished island. The platforms on the funnel are clearly visible in this view.
Bow of Graf Zeppelin at the equipment pier.  The Atlantic bow was added in 1940 to imporve seaworthiness and as a result lenghened the ship by 5.2 meters.
Port view of Graf Zeppelin showing the overhang positions of the anti-aircraft guns. Also clearly visible is the port catapult which has been installed.
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