About Me.

I am a Security Officer in Brisbane, Queensland Australia with a wife, Sue and three adult children, Aaron, Rachel, Sarah and three wonderful grandchildren, Keegan, Nerys and Caleb. To find out more about us click on our home link to find our rogues gallery.

I am a defender of the right of citizens to own firearms for the defence of themselves, their homes and their families. I believe that 'Gun Control' is more about the control of people and is not about people's safety as it's proponents keep telling us.

I am also a keen supporter of the right of free speech. the right to say what we feel without the censorship of 'political correctness'. This page will provide links to information and sites supporting the right to keep and bear arms, personal freedoms, survival and disaster related issues and hints for personal security. It will also carries links to any other current issue or topic that strikes my interest from time to time.


All comments on this site are my responsibility and have no relationship to any company or employer of mine.

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   Firearm - Freedom Related Sites

Great Articles

  A Nation of Cowards - Jeff Snyder's great article
The Value of Civilian Firearms
 The Ban Everything Syndrome
 Letter to the Editor - re Colorado School Incident
Freedom Thoughts
How to stop school shootings - massacres
Letter to Prime Minister John Howard
If we have a right - Alan Keyes
News Clippings from Australia
Why you should use PGP Encryption
Join the revolution 
Raging Against Self-Defense
Graham's Grumbles 
 Just my thoughts on issues important to me 
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  Visit these sites to support freedom 

Martin Essenberg - Support Martins fight The Gun Room - Michael Kay's home page
Gun Owners Alliance Texas - Great State of Texas Gun Owners of America - No Compromises
Sporting Shooters of Australia Jews For the Preservation of Firearm Ownership
Nerida (Ned) Wood's Home Page Civil Liberties Page
Jim's Militia Page International PGP Home Page
Lock, Stock and Barrel The Amazing Vindex
A Jewish Dude with a conservative attitude L. Neil Smiths Webley Home Page
The Truth About Guns Militia Papers - Well worth checking out
Always under construction

My Favourite Newspapers

Brisbane Courier Mail - My local paper
The Australian - Australia's National Paper
Sydney Morning Herald - Check out the Olympic City
Deseret News
Houston Chronicle - Whats on in the State of Texas
The Jerusalem Post - Whats happening in Israel
The World Net Daily
Jewish World Review
Ha'aretz - English edition

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