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1 st. September
To Our Family
Please come in
to Everyone who visits these pages
from our family to your family
God Bless you one and all.
Thank You for Visiting our family
You are very welcome to come in to meet our family in the following pages .
It contains the pictures and stories of our loved ones. some of it was very hard for us to do.
but in doing it has helped us come to terms with our grief for the loved ones that both of us and the rest of&nbsp; the family have lost .
Our Dear Son in law Eddie was killed by a terrible medical accident in January this year then our Darling Granddaughter Georgieanna went to heaven to be with her father Eddie in April. our family has been shattered&nbsp; and we thought that we would put these pages together for our loved ones. also it has helped us to cope with the heartache.
Also this is for our Darling Daughter Sharon who has had to carry all this sorrow in her heart ,we hope that Sharon has a beautiful life ahead of her ,she really deserves it.
We hope that you like what we have put together, this is the first time we have done anything like this.
Graham has written some poems for the first time ever . I never knew that I could until , our little Angel Georgieanna&nbsp; went to heaven. and found out that I could put my feelings down on paper.
We hope that you have the time to visit us and say hello.
Some of the pages have a lot of photos on them and take a bit of time to download.
So if you have the time please come a stay with us for a while.
To visit please click
on Georgieanna's picture
Thank you .
it is further down the page
  Take care  God bless.
       Graham & Ann Johnson
and all of our Family.
Little things

Too often we don't realize
           what we have until it is gone;
           Too often we wait too late to say
           I'm sorry - I was wrong.
           Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones
           we hold dearest to our hearts;
           And we allow foolish things
           to tear our lives apart.

           Far too many times we let
           unimportant things into our minds;
           And then it's usually too late
           to see what made us blind.

           So be sure that you let people know
           how much they mean to you;
           Take that time to say the words
           before your time is through.

           Be sure that you appreciate
           everything you've got
           And be thankful for the
           Little things in life
           that mean a lot.
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he is now 5 years old going on 55
Nathan our youngest Grand child
Ann & Nathan is 3days old here
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