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Welcome To Gray's Website
Hi There and Welcome to my Website,Which i hope you will Enjoy and like Viewing, First of all let me say Thank you for Visiting my Site, Anyway a bit about me,I'm Grahame, A Single man,Age 36,From the Southeast of Maidstone,Kent,England.
Here's a brief Description of me,I have Short dark brown hair,Green eyes,Six feet tall, Average looking, I'm very Open and Broadminded, and I would like to Correspond with New and Interesting Friends,Any age, Soif you fancy dropping me an E-Mail about yourself, you're more than Welcome too,I've only been on the Net since May 2001, So i suppose i'm Learning new things Everyday,Whatever they may be.
I enjoy Surfing the Net for different things,Including Animation,Skins for my Various Instant Messengers,Obviously Photo's and Wallpapers too, Anything that looks good basically, I like Photo's of Landscapes,Fantasy,3d,Adult,Erotic art,Funny Cartoons,Icons Etc Etc.
Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy Swimming,although i have'nt done it for quite a while now,Reading,Writing, Driving in my Car, When its nice and Warm,The Countryside, Various Music including, Rock,Urban,R&B,Pop,Reggae,Romantic Stuff,Hip hop, Alternative, In general anything with a good beat and good lyrics,I enjoy watching Films and movies too including Action,Gangsters,Westerns,Suspense,Thrillers,Horrors,Martial Arts, Anything that has a good storyline and plot really,Something that keeps you on the edge of your seat basically, What else do i like? eerrr! Having Fun,Socialing, Meeting New and Interesting People, Which isn't very often these days, I tend to stay in a lot these days, Don't know why though, Maybe its because it gets lonely going out on your own, Don't know really, The friends i have are either Married or have Girlfriends, So i suppose they Drift away and do their own thing.
Don't really go into Chat rooms a lot, I'm more of a one on one type of Guy, I like Instant Messaging and E-Mailing though,Which is great,By the way i am Straight by the way, If you're wondering what i mean, by one on one,Just thought i'd mention it, I have a Webcam too, Which is good in either Netmeeting or on Yahoo, Depending which you like i suppose, I like Both,So there you go.
What i do for a Living
I Work for a local paint firm in Maidstone,Kent as a Warehousemen, Serving Retail and Trade Customers, Booking in and Out invoices,Answering Phoes,Loading and Unloading Lorries and Vans, Ordering Stock and Sundries, Stocktaking Etc Etc, Been there nearly 9 Years now, Why not Write to me and tell me all about yourself and what you do for a living?
E-Mail me if you like at:
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Hi Kal,Hope you like Babes and That you feel better Today,See yeahxxx