Mr Hayes Mathematics Teacher - Hazey Day
Our maths teacher, was an odd chap too, he was however a good teacher, but most of the time his mathematics exercised involved us calculating the number of steps it would take to get to the Naggs Head Scalby, his favorite pub.

One of his favourite tricks was to get a bunch of coins in his hand and smack us around the head from behind, we were then tasked to guess how much money he had in his hand. If we got it wrong he would alter the number of coins until we got it right, a painful maths lesson.

He used to come into the class and always say to his favorite pupil,  Rocky Rowe

"It's a hazy day isn't it Rowe?"

Rocky would smile inanely and agree with him.

He was a plump fiftyish man and wore typical tweedy clothes although they were pretty worn out, he always seemed to have a hangover and if he had a bad one '  look out!!

He used to like picking on Neil Kay for some reason, maybe because he was the skinniest kid in the class and his dad was a liberal counciller. Strangely enough, Yak or Neil Kay grew up to be a brute of a young man, got rid of his stutter and became famous as one of the best bouncers in town, maybe due to the fact that he got so much stick at school.
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