YUST international university
My grand-daughter Charlotte seems to spend a lot of time on the Net. Like her sister, Annie, she enjoys the chat-rooms.
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The Vision of James Kyung Kim

On a sandy hillside among the old tombs of the city of Yanji stands a new university of China. Its full name is the Yanbian University of Science and Technology, but it's often called YUST for short. It was founded in 1992 by the efforts of its President, Dr. (James) Kyung Kim. He was inspired to found it as a result of meeting some of the many Korean-speaking Chinese who live in the area. He has maintained friendly relations with the large university that already existed in Yanji, known simply as Yanbian University. But his aim was to give local people an extra chance to continue their studies at university level, with a special emphasis on the input of western technology. So almost all the teachers at the university have come from foreign countries, mostly from South Korea, for the main language of YUST is Korean. Other staff have come from the U.S., and some from Germany, France, Switzerland and England.