The Jack the Ripper Chatroom
BACK to   Below are some helpful IRC Commands for use with the Chat Room
                                                            Type a nickname in the field and then click on the Connect button.
                                                            It will take a few moments for the scripts to load and run.   If you are
                                                            prompted for a new nick name just type /nick (a new nick) at the bottom
                                                            of the chat field.
At the bottom is the input line. You can send a message by typing it on this line. A few basic commands you can enter are:
      /nick newname                              Change your nickname

      /sound (bell, gong, laugh, knock, crash, moo, flush)  to make whatever sound you want.

      /join #newroom                              Create a new room or join an existing room

      /action message                             Sends an action (red) message

      /whois nick                                     Shows you information about this nickname

      /topic new topic                             Changes the topic (if allowed)

      /list                                                Updates the room list

      /quit                                               Leave the chat and disconnect from the server

     /msg   or /query                             Allows you to private message someone when followed by their nickname.