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Welcome to GeneRally Alpha - the only competition that will have you driving around the letters of the alphabet! The imagination of Frag has given us 26 tracks upon which to race up and with his kind permission I declare "GeneRally Alpha" OPEN FOR BUSSINESS!

Please download the tracks and check the rules for the details and may I wish everyone the very best of luck!

Its been far too long since the last update but thanks to we have been able to re-compile the results for 'Z' and finish the end of season 1. A huuuuge thanks to everyone whom took part and a magical congratulations to MagicJ who ran away with the GRallyAlpha winners trophy - taking a 50% victory rate with him!!!

I'm sure he'll be back to defend it along with competitors old and new for season 2 which WILL happen and will happen as soon as Sitorimon gets his arse in gear and chooses a new computer that doesnt want to have slowdown when more than 3 cars go on the dirt lol.

Also as a side-note: anyone know of tracks that are based on the numbers 0-9 ? :-)

Many thanks and cya soon,

Simon (Sitorimon)
The narrow 'Y' and for me at least, the crappy AI, meant that precision and skill were much needed and once again MagicJ provided it for us to take a close win from stunning debutant Rizhmo who despite joining with 2 races left, is detirmined to show just what he's made of! takes the final podium place in 3rd and moves to just 3pts behind akouk (who finished 4th today) in whats the last real battle in the championship left - and with MagicJ, Robylu and now rookie Rizhmo carving up the track, it'll be a nail biter finale for those. Robylu kept a pacey but quiet 5th ahead of Sgt Pepper, with a fully legal and consistant drive to take 6th place. Sitorimon called this track "bloody annoying" on his way to a ragged 7th ahead of a slower B-B Vic, now looking comfy to go over the 200pts mark now. Belly's 9th notches him up 150pts now and proves that by turning up and getting the job done you can climb the ranks - as does Rookie Champ who notches up another top10 finish although as ever its down to lack of competitors than speed.
However its the last race of the GeneRally Alpha series next week so may everyone pop out in the part spirit to wave goodbye to a fun lil championship in style!!! Good luck everybody!!!