To The One I Love
What's it gonna be?
Can we try again,
Or is it me?
Don't make me lose my mind, Baby.
Don't make me cry every night.
Oh Baby,
Can't you stay with me tonight?
Don't my kisses please you right?
You were so hard to find,
I'm so glad to have found you, Baby.

I have told you, Baby,
That I was in love with you,
And always will till death do us part.
Oh Baby, Baby, Baby,
You make me feel so loved and all,
You're the beautiful one,
That I always seem to lose.
Oh Baby!

What's it gonna be Baby?
Can we please try again,
Or is it me?
Because it's you I want.
Tell me Baby,
I got to know,
Because it's you I really want!

Oh Baby,
I may not know where I'm going or need,
But one thing is for certain,
I do know what I want,
It's to please you Baby,
It's to love you forevermore Baby,
I'm begging down on my knees,
Please come back,
I want you,
I need you,
Oh Baby, Baby, Baby!

My Honey with Little Thomas