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Gramber's Gable
Created by Mary Jane for Friends and Family


Cherished memories were often created right here on this computer, come join me in a trip down that memory lane

I have many times reread some of the columns that I wrote and had everyone in the office thinking I had completely lost my mind since I ended up laughing like crazy remembering all the great times and great personalities.  I kinda miss writing the column but mostly miss the people who provided such great material.

Actually, I created this page just to provide space for links to be used in The Gable Clubhouse, where space is limited.   When I get windy, as in the memory lane posting, and having a few other little projects in mind there might be a space situation so I needed somewhere to expand to (from) - thus this homepage.

I was going to perhaps put an 'about me' section in here, but heck anyone who would be looking at this page already knows way TOO much about me anyway...hahahaha



These are the names of the 82 people who have graced and disgraced The Gable. I thank each and everyone for some really great memories. Perhaps you recognize a name or two. .

AnotherPauline, Bzzzybee, Candleeyes(Annie), Bryteyes, Flyers, Gina, Klaus, Painterr, Nasagirl, Sammieroo, Sandstorm, Leighbeigh (BabyBlueEyes), SrBushh, OhTim, T.J.(Kricket), Trog, Braxux, Parker, Trek, OneLuckyLady (Kitrina), Beefman, Calista, Flrgardner, Driver, Geneva, Keys (Kev), Gramber, Rosy, Calif-Raisin, NYGroove, Michini, Sandcrab  & Dr. Crab, Toad, Halfwayup, Synful, Dewwey, AquaLiz, Tootie, Bree, SweetMelissa, BlondeyMom, Camero, CoolerX, Deegb, DollarOne(Mr.Pound) Honeybuzz, Lightwall, Scoop, Austlady, Shubby, Sleepwalker, Thomas, JJMilitaryJunkie, Halfbee, Mr.T, Bar_none, Goofy, HillBillyBear, Bert, Selectone, Kapre, Kriss, NiceTwo, highlight, Sassy, MrBlueSky, Spellstruck, Spore, Deeto, LordPaxil, Outwestgal, LionQueen, The Cardinal, Klownbert, DocGreen, Momo, IceDragon, Happy_One, Schlanng, MacCleod and Nicilou.