The Poochieville Kitchen

 Welcome to Poochieville! Our very humorous family of five. Step on into my kitchen, our daily bread is rising, the children are playing on the floor and the smells coming from the stovetop are divine.

Scratch that.... let's get "real", the baby only wants mama, the little girl is screaming for noodles NOW and the boy is refusing to eat anything saying, "GROSS". Drawings from the afternoon are scattered on the floor, crackers from trying to soothe the baby are crushed under foot and suddenly the Dog thinks she needs to go out. Now THAT is the poochieville kitchen.

I love to cook and make things from scratch for my family, they come first in my life. That leaves little time to cook. I do however cook in large quantities so that in the evening I can focus on them and not spend hours in the kitchen. Sometimes this is in the form of a OAMC session or once a month session. Sometimes it's spread out over a week cooking a large amount of a couple meals each night, sometimes I just make a big batch of whatever I am cooking that night.

I hope to include some of the sessions I have done here eventually but you can find out all about the adventures in my blog.

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