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Coherence means sticking together. In writing we stick our ideas together by showing how each sentence relates to the sentences around it. If we do not clearly show the relationship between sentences, our writing will not be clear. Writers use several devices to show the connections between sentences.

Key Words and Synonyms

We can use key words and synonyms to show connections. Notice the bold-faced terms in the paragraph above. They are the key expressions that tie the paragraph together.


Pronouns can stand in for key words. "They" in the paragraph above stands in for "key words and synonyms" in the previous paragraph.

Transitional Words

Transitional words and phrases reveal the type of relationship that exists between sentences. Here are some examples of the kinds of relationship that transitional expressions can reveal;

ILLUSTRATION: for example, for instance
ADDITION: also, moreover
RESTATEMENT: in other words
CONSEQUENCE : as a result, therefore
CONTRAST: however, but
TIME: then, afterwards, next

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