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Comma Quiz

Print this page and put commas in the appropriate places in the following sentences. Then click on the answer page to check your answers.

1. Hoskins who was in charge of the tool room made sure that no one got tools without permission.

2. People who needed tools had to follow Hoskins' way of doing things.

3. They had to fill out a request form and Hoskins double checked every line.

4. They had to come to the tool room and give the request form to Hoskins.

5. Hoskins could account for every pair of pliers wrench and clamp in the tool room.

6. When people came to the tool room without a request form Hoskins turned them away.

7. He didn't want to be mean but he wasn't going to let them take advantage of him.

8. Hoskins wouldn't give a screw driver to the president of the company unless he had a request form.

9. Some people felt that Hoskins was a little too rigid but he felt he was just doing his job.

10. When Hoskins took over the tool room job on February 29 1996 he made a list of everything in the tool room.

11. Hoskins as you know is not well liked in the company.

12. From the beginning everyone thought that Hoskins was a pain in the neck.

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