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Welcome to the 'Official Website' for Grampa & Hitman.

The Radio Bits featured on the CD, are taken from "Terry Hayes - The Hitman Show" which was Aired on WTSX-FM (Star Radio from 1994-1995)

You can visit Terry's Site at

Grampa's Debut on WTSX Radio was on 10-13-94

The classic "Crank Phone Calls" CD by Grampa & Friends has been digitally remastered on CD. These crank calls were recorded in 1993 & 1994.

"Yes, can I have my bald spot shined?" "What?" " you shine bald spots to make 'em look good? Ya know put a little wax on it so it doesn't look scabby."

The newly released "Grampa Special DVD Edition" includes both albums, enhanced DVD PCM uncompressed audio, DVD Video visual menus with track listings, exclusive newly released bonus tracks, grampa's bookmarks & more!!!



"Grampa Special DVD Edition" Finally there's a way to have both albums in one, enhanced DVD Audio, DVD Video visual track listings and exclusive bonus material!


"Grampa & Friends Present: Crank Phone Calls" Some of the best crank calls have finally been digitally remastered and released on CD.


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