July 13,2003
After what was easily my favorite week since deciding to become a wrestler,I finally update the website.
July 5th was the date of CHIKARA's Tag World Gran Prix : a night full of tag teams from four different countries, in my opinion some of my best wrestling to date, and my three year old son hanging out with Sumie Sakai. This SHOULD have been the highlight of my week,but it wasn't.
Before the show,the day after,and the following Monday night I was fortunate to be taught by Skayde : head trainer at Ultimo Dragon's Mexico City Dojo. He taught us more Lucha than any of us could dare try to digest in one day,but we tried out hearts out. Being taught by such an experienced and skilled luchadore, as well as being a student along side of guys like Chris Hero and my own teacher Mike Quackenbush can't be put into words. This night , just a year after I began my training, was everything I've ever wanted to get out of professional wrestling. The amazing thing is that this seems to be just the beginning. Thanks to all who made the Tag Tournament what it was.