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Last updated 19 April 2008

Who am I?

If you've just stumbled onto this page and are wondering who I am... I am a simple PhD student in London (the one in England...).
My name is Michael Ng and I am a native of the USA. I live in Idaho when I'm not in London. I am currently a third year PhD student at
Royal Holloway, University of London. I am doing my PhD in Ancient History at the Department of Classics. I earned my MA in War Studies from Kings College, London (also University of London) in December 2004. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. I graduated in December 2002 with a BA in History and a Latin minor. (Yes, Latin. The language of the ancient Romans.) It was an interesting decision coming to London for postgraduate work but I have not regretted it at all. As of July 2006, I was informed I passed the iNSTIL teaching training course I started in October 2005 and I have just received my postgraduate certificate for the iNSTIL course as of December 2006.

Currently, I have passed my PhD viva (thesis defence) as of January 22nd, 2008. I had a pass with no corrections and I am currently awaiting official notification and award of my degree as well as hunting for jobs.

I am a Chinese-American, single, and male. When my PhD is done I hope to end up teaching Roman history at a university somewhere back in the US or in England (if they'll hire me.) I have a mother, father, and a twin brother (we are fraternal twins). I also have a large extended family back home in the US. At the moment, I can often be found at the Institute of Classical Studies in Central London. If I am not there, then it's highly likely that I'm working in another library (oh the indolent lifestyle that I lead. :) ) I don't update this page as often as I like but that's because I am working on my PhD thesis. A first draft of my PhD thesis is already done and is currently being revised. Hopefully, I will submit soon and then begins the task of job hunting for lecturing/research posts.

My hobbies and interests:

I have a variety of hobbies (some have their own subcategories.) I am a wargamer, I collect Roman coins, I enjoy history (ancient Roman, ancient Chinese, naval history, and some WWI history but nothing beyond that.) I also enjoy science-fiction, horror films, and 'historical' films (though many such films have no resemblance to real history.) I also enjoy going to the pistol range with my mismatched 9mm Pistole Parabellum (the P-08, commonly known as a Luger.) I have also restarted my old hobby of building model warships. If it's not obvious from the type of work I do, I also enjoy reading. Currently, wargaming occupies the majority of my hobby time. I am building Warmaster Ancients armies. These will be 6mm armies, since I have found them to be a fun scale to work in. I have about 10 armies in 6mm for this ruleset, at the moment, and most are Roman or Chinese. I am also building a 10mm Warmaster Dogs of War army using 10mm Macedonians and other historicals (how can you have a pike army without Macedonians?). I am also building an Epic Armageddon Siegemasters army, in addition to finishing my regular Praetorian army in Epic. I am primarily a historical wargamer but I do enjoy wargaming as a whole.

My Educational Background:

Royal Holloway, University of London (2004-Present)
Location: Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Degree type: 3rd year PhD Ancient History (Roman focus) Status: Current student, 3nd year PhD

Kings College London, University of London (2003-2004)
Location: London, United Kingdom
Degree Type: Magister Artium (MA/Masters) in War Studies
Status: Alumnus

University of Idaho (1999-2002)
Location: Moscow, ID USA
Degree: BA History, Minor: Latin
Status: Alumnus


Royal Holloway, University of London

My photographs (A range of stuff I have photographed, from my trips in London, in Britain, of my friends, etc...)

The Lindley Hall Project, Mk. 2 (A webcomic I work on. It is based off very loosely, well it is mostly fictional, off of my friends at Lindley Hall)

My wargaming page (Information on periods I wargame in and rulesets I use)

Steel Navy (A model warships website)

Fanaticus (A website devoted to miniature wargaming, this ruleset is DBA)

Warhammer Historical Wargaming (Official Website for Warhammer Ancient Battles)

Pistole Parabellum (Informative website about the Luger)

Kings College London: War Studies Department, Conflict Simulation (a course I took in 2003-2004. It is being offered again this year and is a very interesting course)

Links to my friends' webpages:

Vincent Yip's Homepage, a friend of mine from the University of Idaho.

Contact me: grand_admiral_ng AT hotmail.com (Replace the 'AT' with '@', obviously.)