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My time with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam
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We will never forget
the cowards that murdered
innocent people !!



Welcome, my name is William Dean and I am proud to say "I am a Vietnam Vet". To my fellow vets I say "Welcome Home"!

A little history on myself - I was born in 1950, the 3rd of 4 boys. My father was career Air Force. He was an enlisted man and served in bombers in WW II and Korea. He knew the crew of the Enola Gay. I am sad to say that he passed away a few years ago. Unfortunately he never really shared his military stories with me. I have not made that mistake with my children. I have made tapes for them to listen to. Plus, now I have this webpage.

I served as a platoon leader in Vietnam with Co's D + E 3/187th Abn Inf. 101st Airborne Div. I arrived in Vietnam in Nov.'69 and was medically evacuated (medevac) in Aug.'70. During that time I met many interesting people and saw many things. Thru stories posted here and elsewhere I'll try to tell my story and that of the men I served with. We were proud to be Americans.

On the following linked pages I go into more detail about my time in Vietnam. Please read and then return here. If you just want to see my Vietnam photos. Updated 3-9-03

To read my story about being wounded (2nd time).

"The Worm", an amusing story about military hospitals.

The Phone Call A funny story that took place in the military hospital I was in at Camp Zamma, Japan.

Information about 101st Airborne Division Memorial

My Favorite Military


Screaming Eagles in Iraq

A special website for keeping track of our 101st Abn Div in Iraq. Daily news updates and photos.

Here it is in great detail with additional maps and info. A must see !!!

Webrings I am Proud to belong to

I'm from North Carolina. So after being hospitalized for 5 months I requested to be assigned to Ft. Bragg. I was assigned, to the 6th Special Forces Group (Abn) at Ft. Bragg, NC. This was done for two reasons. My oldest brother had been in Special Forces in Vietnam and because it was near home. I attended airborne school at Ft. Benning in May 71 and got my jump wings. When the 6th was deactivated upon the return of the 5th SFGA from Nam, I was assigned as an A-Team commander. While with the Special Forces, I attended the Army's Chemical Warefare School at Ft. McClellan, Al. For photos and more click here.

To read about my entire military experience from enlistment as a Private in June '68 to my separation as a Captain in May '73, click here .

A new Rakkasan site by German friends of the 3/187th, really good. Rakkasans



Visit my Special Forces pages. Updated with pictures 3-16-03


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