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The new album "
Sumday" is out now in stores. I think the second single "El Caminos In The West" is out on Monday, possibly Tuesday because its a bank holiday, Its out soon anyway.

If you feel up to transcribing any of the songs, even a rough version, send me an email with what you've got and i'll do my best to upload it asap.

The band are about to play Reading festival, and then tour the UK after i believe

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Ive received to slight different version of the Warming Sun in the past week, so both versions are available to download. Personally I'd say it was one of the most beautiful Grandaddy songs. Enjoy.

And the Sumday album is complete, i got the final 3 songs today from Andreas

the Warming Sun (two versions)

the final push to the sum
saddest vaccant lot in the whole world
the group who couldnt say

The Broken Down Comforter Collection (12/13)
Under the Western Freeway (6/11)
The Sophtware Slump (11/11)
Sumday (12/12)
Other (11 songs done)
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