Grand Canyon Project:
Day Eleven
Thursday May 18, 2000


By the end of the day we'd gone 2508 miles. It was cool all day, so we wore long pants and jackets.

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Orderin' up a half-stack

After eating breakfast at Old Smokey's Restaurant we headed off to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon

We arrived at the Grand Canyon and were truly amazed. There is no way to capture it with pictures. Up until now we'd made our journey as a sort of tongue in cheek look at the spectacle of travel, the things that people will pay money to see, and the promoters who can make something out of practically nothing, but this wasn't the case at the Grand Canyon. We felt like we'd truly made a pilgrimage. The Grand Canyon is so much more than hundreds of tourists and curio shops. Its awesomeness and beauty surpass all of the commercialism around it. We sat and looked at it for along time. Amy felt like her brain couldn't comprehend it at first because she'd never seen anything so big or spaces so vast in her life. It only registered as a painted backdrop.

"Please stay away from the edge."
"You people really need to work on your listening skills."
"Hey!  I told you to stay away from the edge!"

We heard, "Stay away from the edge!" in many, many different languages. Apparently Amy and David didn't understand any of them.

Takin' in the view

Jane played it safe and pondered the canyon at a slower, more careful pace.


Cheese and crackers never tasted as good as they did on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Six feet wide

We're walking on sunshine! He-ay, and makes me feel good!

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