Following basic training at Ft. Campbell, Ky., and Fort Gordon, Ga.,    I was selected for duty in Vietnam, arriving in-country in late March 1970.    Assigned to HHC, 45th General Support Group, located at Camp Schmidt, Pleiku,    I found myself working as a clerk in Group Headquarters. Later in my tour, I    had the opportunity to become a courier, basically operating an inter-office    mail facility and carrying correspondence between my facility and a larger facility    in Qui Nhon, riding in C-123's, C-7's, and on one interesting occasion, a VNAF    C-119.      This page is dedicated to: -  The fine people I served with in Pleiku, 1970-1971, -  The great people who had it a lot tougher than those of us serving in a pretty safe position - because they went out into harms' way and kept areas like ours safe, and, especially... -  Those who gave their lives in Southeast Asia, because they loved their country and their families, and served with honor!
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