Grand FPSU Guru
This website is dedicated to people who require help and advice from a friendly, approachable life Guru named Guru FPSU.
Guru FPSU has spent much time talking with people about their problems and helping them sort themselves out. Yet most of all and most importantly, the Guru has helped himself crawl out of a pit in his own life.
Whilst in College the Guru found himself alone, upset, abused and slipping into a whirlpool of drink and drugs. A former substance abuser Guru FPSU saw the mess he was making of his life and knew things had to change.
So the Guru picked out why he did stuff like sniffing glue, smoking pot and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. He looked inside himself and asked himself some really deep questions and when he answered them truthfully, then he knew how he had to change his life.
And thats how you can make your own first steps into feeling more comfortable with yourself. Is by asking questions. If you need help then ask the guru. He will give you an answer within 24 hours.
Sister Mandy Simpson
Sister Mandy Simpson is the Grand Guru's partner in advice and helping people out. The first person to come to the Guru for his personal opinion, she was as big a part of his self recovery as much as he helped himself.
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Please feel free to ask ANY question no matter how big or how small. Its all good.