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Hello and Welcome to the Whimsy Stables' FIFTH Annual Grand Champion Photo Show!

Greetings :) As you can see, we're back with the same fun & flair you've come to expect from a photo show... There are great pictures of great horses, creative mastery and trick photography at its best, and of course, Grand Champions showing the world that six inches tall is really all the horse you need!

Our "Theme Class" for this year is "Hollywood Horses". That means, if your horse happens to think he's the Black Stallion or Hidalgo's long lost cousin, this is his chance to strut his stuff! Or, perhaps you would like to re-create a scene from your favorite movie with your herd. And no, it doesn't have to be a HORSE movie, either - imagine "Lord of the Rings" played by Shadow, Lucky, Starfinder and Misty as the hobbits - your imagination is the limit!

Best of luck to all, and HAVE FUN!!!

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We have WINNERS!!
Come and see our lucky finalist:

The Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Sections & Classes

A last look:

Section #1

  • a) Stallions - open to all stallions
  • b) Mare - open to all mares
  • c) Foal - open to all foals
  • d) Family - any combination of mare/foal/stallion

    Section #2

  • e) Patterns - for Appaloosa, Pinto & Roans
  • f) Bays - including duns, black
  • g) Chestnut - including sorrels, palomino, dilutions
  • h) Grey - both light (white) and dark (dapple)

    Section #3

  • i) Arabian & Desert breeds
  • j) Thoroughbreds & Sport Horses
  • k) Draft breeds
  • l) North American breeds
  • m) British & European breeds
  • n) Spanish Types
  • o) All other World Breeds

    Section #4

  • p) English
  • q) Western
  • r) Dressage
  • s) Hunter/Jumper
  • t) Cross Country/Racing
  • u) Rodeo/working/harness or cart

    Section #5

  • v) Costumes
  • w) Custom Finish
  • x) Fantasy
  • y) Hollywood Horses!
  • z) Fun Pictures ~ Anything Goes

  • And it's a WRAP! Thanks to everyone who entered :) Please take the time now to check over your entries to ensure they're in the right spot. Have a peek at the Prizes to be won while you wait, and check back here soon for the winners!

    Best wishes to all,
    Neena Bickram, Show Manager
    Kristin Ball, Secretary of Show
    Sloane Eljay, Carolyn Bell, Emily Hoffman,Judges