Our club is open to all snowmobile enthusiasts.  We meet on the second Sunday of each month from September through March (except January, which is the 3rd Sunday) at the Southshore Sportsmens Club.  Membership dues are $20.00 per family with children under eighteen.  Dues are payable in September.  We are a 100% OSSA club which means that when you join our club, you will be also have a paid membership in The Ohio State Snowmobile Association and receive their magazine and benefits.  The number beside your name on the mailing designates the year you are paid to.
Our activities include a Chili Cookout in the spring, a dinner dance with a monte carlo night or entertainment, a pig roast in the summer, and a corn roast in August. 

We are a non-profit charity organization.
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Grand Lake
Snow Dreamers
Ohio's Oldest Snowmobile Club

On Ohio's Other Great Lake

Celina, Ohio
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For information, call 419-268-2385

Please Note: January meeting is the 18th, 2004
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OFFICERS FOR 2003-2004:
President Tom Gottschall
Vice Pres.Annie Nichols
Treasurer Floyd Winner
Secretary Annette Elsass
Lynn Elsass
Tom Sheib
Paul Nichols