Even though I am mainly retired, I am not too tired to meet new friends and share an interesting life with you.
I am an American/Israeli; meaning that I have spent most of my life in the Midwest of the United States and now live at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Israel.
My life here is full with many friends and activities, which I would like to share with others.
Retired doesn't mean sitting back on my laurels. I tutor English and also the use of the computer to elderly people.  Like most people in this country, I am multi-lingual.  I speak English, Hebrew and German.
I love animals and get involved in all sorts of things with animals.  Three beautiful (57 variety) cats own me. These cats and some of the family cats, will occupy special pages on my site.
This is a community where nearly everyone owns several cats, dogs, some horses and the occasional budgie bird.
With season changes, there are many occasions when an animal, or bird is injured and must be cared for.  This will evolve in some of the following pages of my site.
This is my life, and
hopefully, many people will visit my pages and become acquainted. 

Among my interests are animals, nature, classical music, art, books, particularly good biographies, swimming,walking and of course, travel.
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