The Genealogy of Dennis Nicklaus

My family in 1966

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At this website, you can find much information about my family genealogy. Briefly, on my father's side, I have information mainly on the following families:
Nicklaus, Tiedeken, Huisman, Brueggemann, Heger, Blaha, Nahrhaft
I have some general discussion and details about the family origins and my sources.

My genealogy is a bit more extensive on my mother's side. It includes:
Shannon, Lucey, Farrell, Lawlor, Reed, Morrison, Scott, Matthews, Morgan, Ballard, and more. Similar discussion and details.

Also on my mother's side, I have some handy features:

Click on the grandparent photo to investigate their respective ancestors and relatives.
Mom and Dad

Shannon/Farrell Morrison/Scott Heger/Blaha Nicklaus/Tiedeken
Shannon/Farrell/Lucey/Lawlor Morrison/Scott/Morgan Heger/Blaha/Nahrhaft Nicklaus/Tiedeken
Clinton + Crawford Co's, IA USA Bohemia and MN Germany,IA and MN

As an alternative, I've also placed this information into the WorldConnect searchable database. I have pretty much the same information there. It is just presented differently and has more searching capabilities. My data there may be slightly more up-to-date than on these pages. But you won't see the pictures, obituaries, etc. in Worldconnect.

If you fit into the families here, I'd love to hear from you. My email address is at the bottom of this page.

This website contains many individual pages linked together. For each person in the family pages, you will see vital statistics for the person and their spouse, names of the person's children, a pedigree chart for the person, and any textual description of the person that I have. Most links to spouses which lead out of the tree of my direct ancestry and blood relatives will be invalid links. At the bottom of each person's description is a list of source numbers. These refer to a numbered source within a bibliography. Clink on the source numbers to go to the bibliography and then scroll through the bibliography until you find the desired source.

In order to preserve privacy of living persons I don't show all the descendents down to the present day. I've tried to stop it at the generation where I know there is at least one living member of the family.

There is an alphabetical hypertext index of everyone at this website through my father's side and a bibliography of sources used in compiling the info.
My mother's side has a similar set of indexes, split in two, one index for my grandmother's side and one index for my grandfather's side and one comprehensive bibliography
There's a separate index for the "Chicago branch" of our Shannon relatives.

If you are interested, I have provided some more details about how these pages were generated.

Here are some good starting points for relatives who are sort of familiar with the family and want to look around. These are my ancestors who immigrated to the USA
On dad's side:
Caspar Tiedeken
Balthazar Nicklaus
Josef Blaha
Ludwig Heger

On mom's side:
Patrick Shannon
Jeremiah Lucey
George Farrell
Patrick Lawlor
James Morrison

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