Adonijah Morgan

born: 6 May 1755, Bedford Co.,VA
died: 27 Dec 1827, Fayette Co.,Indiana
bur.: near Connersville,Fayette Co.,Indiana, at Lick Creek Cemetery
spouse: Cleo COATS
marr: 1781, Washington Co.,North Carolina
born: Abt 1755
died: Bef 1786
Gabriel MORGAN
spouse: Isabelle Jean MCMAHON
marr: 1786, Greene Co.,Tennessee
born: 21 Jul 1765, Scotland
died: 20 Jul 1829, Fayette Co.,Indiana
bur.: 1829, Fayette Co.,Indiana
Amaziah MORGAN
Isabella ``Ibby'' MORGAN
John Blair MORGAN
Adonijah MORGAN
Margaret MORGAN
William F. MORGAN
Jane Chlo MORGAN

Pedigree Chart

                      |--------Lewis MORGAN ( - )
           |---------Thomas MORGAN (1702 - 1774, VA)
           |          |
           |          |--------Elizabeth ( - )
  |------Lewis MORGAN (1727, Pennsylvania - 1814, Kentucky)
  |        |
  |        |          |--------Rodger EVANS (Wales - 1738, Pennsylvania)
  |        |          |
  |        |---------Lettice EVANS ( - 1749)
  |                   |
  |                   |--------Mary ( - )
Adonijah MORGAN (1755, VA - 1827, Indiana)
  |                   |--------John WHYTE (1669, Scotland - 1742)
  |                   |
  |        |---------Robert WHITE (1694, Scotland - 1755, USA)
  |        |          |
  |        |          |--------Jean JOHNSTOUN ( - )
  |        |
  |------Christine Ann WHITE (1726, Pennsylvania - 1816, Kentucky)
           |          |--------William HOGE (1660, Scotland - 1749, Virginia)
           |          |
           |---------Margaret HOGE (1690, Pennsylvania - 1750, VA)
                      |--------Barbara HUME (1670, Scotland - 1745, America)

Adonijah {The name comes from the Bible (1st Kings 1 and 2) -- Adonijah was a son of King David and elder brother of Solomon who tried to make himself king while King David was on his death bed. He was forgiven by King Solomon but later killed at King Solomon's command because of suspicion.} came with his parents and brother Thomas to what was then western North Carolina, but later became Greene County, Tennessee. Adonijah is in Greene Co., Tennessee (then North Carolina) on its 1783 census (when Greene Co. was created). He bought 200 acres of land there in 1793, and sold the same amount in 1798.

Adonijah served in the Revolutionary War while in western North Carolina. No pension or details of his service record have been found, but the places he served would likely be similar to that of his brother. On June 12, 1783, Adonijah was paid 5 pounds, 1 shilling and 6 pence for his service by the auditors responsible for paying claims in western North Carolina. Adonijah's pay was a relatively small amount compared to others. They were paid in specie which could be exchanged for western frontier North Carolina land.

Adonijah left Greene Co. for Pulaski Co., Kentucky about the beginning of 1800. (He is on a jury in Greene Co. as late as Nov 1799.) Maybe he left because he kept getting stuck with jury duty in Tennessee. He's on Greene Co. juries in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. of 1797, and Jan., Apr., July, and Oct. of 1799. He moved to Pulaski Co., Kentucky along with his father. Adonijah first appears on the Pulaski Co. Tax lists in 1800. He is last listed on them in 1817.

While in Pulaski Co., Adonijah was a court commissioner in 1805, at least.

Appleton Morgan said Adonijah was a member of the State Legislature of Kentucky, but proof has not been found.

According to the 1880 biography of his son William F., Adonijah and some of his children moved to Indiana in 1818.

One biography of Adonijah's son Lewis says that Lewis came to Shelby Co. in 1816.

Some of Adonijah's other children moved to Ross Co., Ohio. I don't know if Adonijah ever settled there or not. It appears that he never did, though, since he's in the Fayette Co., Indiana census by 1820. The NGSQ article notes that while some of his sons stayed in Ross Co., he continued on to Indiana with his wife and son Amaziah.

Adonijah was appointed county assessor for Fayette Co., Indiana in February, 1819 when Fayette Co. was organized. He is also named as a ``lister'' (responsible for property valuation) in 1819.

The first record of land purchased by this Adonijah in Indiana that we have located so far was in 1823. On August 28, 1823, Adonijah Morgan, Sr. bought for $186, 57 acres in Fayette Co., part of E. side of NW Quarter of Section 10, Twp 13, Range 12E.

This land is two miles south of Connersville and one mile west of the White Water River, on Fall Creek in Columbia Twp. The above parcel passed around Adonijah's children. On March 31, 1827, Adonijah Morgan sold the above property to William F. Morgan for $60?.

Adonijah (Jr.) and Betsy Morgan sold the above property for $400 on Nov. 26, 1831. It finally passed out of the family since they sold it to a James Lawson.

Shirley (Anderson) Reed researched all these land records in 1996.

Census: 1810, Pulaski Co.,Kentucky
Census: 1820, Columbia Twp,Fayette Co.,Indiana


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